Thursday, July 29, 2010


So yes, I am STILL looking for save-the-dates. The good news is that a good friend of mine, has offered to design and print all my invites for me. She was actually my roommate in college for a semester before she transferred to design school

The bad news is, I am SO indecisive.

I adore Minted and currently they are offering three free samples to all their customers. So I spent the morning trying to narrow down my favorites to just three.
So far this has proven to be an exercise in uncertainty and ever growing self-doubt. Here are some of my favorites:
{Float + Vintage Round}


{Winter Stitch}

{Float + Brocade}

One of my major problems is that I like things that don't even make sense for my wedding. When I see any idea that is particularly uniqu I have a hard time letting it go. I want to believe I can incorporate everything into my wedding.

Then I got this great facebook message from another friend about flashdance. Flashdance is "a collective of artists who think YOU deserve a rad wedding" How awesome is that. I don't recognize all the vendors but I obv recognize Max Wanger, who I LOVE.

Then I saw these amazing save the dates:


They are stylish without tryig to hard, and certainly get the message across. LOVE. Thanks Chels!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Giveaway: Oh Hello Friend {Fujifilm Instax Camera + 100 GC to Anthropologie}

In honor of Dani's 2 year Blog-iversay she is doing an awesome giveaway! I adore Dani, not only is she an amazing bride-to-be but her blog is truly inspirational.

To enter for a chance to win, visit Oh Hello Friend

Inspirational Outdoor Wedding

So I first fell in love with this wedding because of the gorgeous location. Then as I read the story behind the wedding, I was truly inspired. This bride had the foresight to keep her guest list short so that she could splurge on her guest.

It needs to be said that I have been having nightmares about my guest list and overall attendance at my wedding. Basically, I dream that I make my grand entrance at my wedding in my gorgeous wedding gown and NO ONE is there (not even my parents!). It's horrifying! This wedding really reminds me that I should focus on the people who are most important to me because those are the people who will really try to be there for me on my big day :)

I adore this white wedding.

For more images from this wedding click here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Love for Lace

Despite my FF's strongly held beliefs that all things lace are "grandma-y", I adore lace. I think there is something timelessly bridal about lace. Although I understand that some things have to be done in moderation, I don't believe that scouring the internet for lace is one of them. Here are some of my favorite lace (and lace-inspired) items (this week):

{Source: Etsy}

{Source: 100 Layer Cake}

{Source: Brooklyn Bride}

{Source: Unknown}

{Source: Etsy}

The best of both worlds

{Source: Style Me Pretty}

How genius is this location!?! This beautiful Maui location features the best of both worlds. Its an outdoor location with a built-in rain guard.

Plus I adore the chandelier... as usual.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

More chandelier love

A few nights ago, I had the pleasure of going to Pipa for tapas and sangria. It was pretty tasty but more importantly it was filled with AMAZING chandeliers!

Picnic Blankets!

{Source: Wildflower Photography}

How adorable is this!?!? I love the idea of picnic blankets but I thought that would mean I would lose my aisle. Turns out that is NOT true!

I love this idea! I don't know how much my guests would like sitting on the ground.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Inspiration: Bridesmaids Dresses {ModCloth}

Another great site for bridesmaid dresses, ModCloth is a vintage inspired online clothing, accessories, and decor retailer. Plus, shipping is only $7 on every order!

Here are some of my very favorites:
{Source: ModCloth}

1. You Were Mint for Me Dress ($49.99)
2. Jasmine Flowers Dress ($64.99)
3. Kennebunkport Dress in Wake ($62.99)
4. A Little Bit Indie Rock Dress ($69.99)

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

DIY: Mini Parasols

A wonderful fellow law school student and wedding blog fan(atic) sent me this DIY project a few weeks ago.

How great are these!

They are just mini dollies with little wooden skewers attached to the center.

Visit A Field Journal for the complete instructions.

Thanks Em!

Nontraditional Tiers...

So I spoke to my wedding planner a few weeks ago and she mentioned that I may not be able to have a three tier cake! She said that if I want to get married on the coast it would be more difficult to transport a larger cake and we may even have to fly someone out to the wedding location to assemble the cake on site.

I know... devastating!

First of all, I have dreamed (dreamt) about a three-tiered wedding cake for as long as I can remember. Second of all, I love the number 3. I think that the best things in life come in threes. (For instance I have two sisters!).

Then I saw these two adorable slightly nontraditional tiered cakes that look like they might be easier to transport.

{source:Wedding Chicks}

How adorable are these cakes? It also seems like they are pretty sturdy three tier cakes, right??

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Giveaway: Oh Hello Friend {$40 GC to Eden's Wake}

To enter: Go to Eden's Wake check out their stuff and then head over to Oh Hello Lovely to leave a comment about your favorites.

Good luck!

Giveaway: Oh Hello Friend {Perricone $150 Giveaway}

This giveaway includes 3 very popular products from the Perricone Skin Care line -- no foundation foundation, citrus facial wash, and the face finishing moisturizer which totals a $150 value!

To enter go to Perricone MD, take a look at the NV Perricone products and simply go to Oh Hello Lovely and comment about why you need or want the 3 items!

Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tea for Twenty?



Turns out I think a tea party for all my friends and family will be the most appropriate way to start my married life. I love love love these table settings. I am genuinely surprised by my fondness for these overly girly set-ups, I was never a tea party girl. I guess I am now.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Personalized Stamps?

{Source: Zazzle}

How adorable are these???

Made for me...

I am usually not a huge fan of the from reality to inspiration vendor faux weddings but then I saw this one which I think was designed just for me! To be honest, I didn't love anything about the bride. Her dress or her veil, she was really a non-factor but then again this is a vendor wedding so it isn't really about the bride anyway.

So I don't love this particular chandelier but I do love chandeliers so this was a go sign. This chandelier is a little country ranch for me and not as romantic as the inspiration board chandeliers (which are EXACTLY the kind of chandeliers I love).

Then I saw the milk and cookies...which is actually kind of funny because my FF has been begging for milk and cookies at the wedding ever since he had them at a wedding reception.

Love the lace around the flowers and the simple monogrammed detail. I don't really have an family heirlooms but if I did I think this would be a great place to add the something borrowed.

I love love love vintage postage stamps. Another unnecessary but amazingly gorgeous detail. This envelope is so darling. I didn't realize how much calligraphy added to an envelope until I got a recent invitation that was handwritten. (I know... I've become a very judgmental and kind of mean bride-to-be... I'm not sure how it happened.)So after seeing this envelope I immediately googled "calligraphy instructions" thinking I could learn to do my own. Then I also checked out the bio of the calligrapher who did these weddings. Turns out she has 20 years experience and was master trained under some uber famous world class instructors. Did you even know that existed? I was pretty sure that I could just go to Staples or Office Max this weekend and pick up a calligraphy pen and figure it out. I think I still might.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace detail on all the wedding paper. Here's more of the great lace detail on the invitation. These invitations are from Paper Moss which I am super excited about checking out!

Then there is this awesome. Gorgeous cake! I love the subtle details. The colors are even my favorite wedding colors, white, pink and a hint of sage. Gorgeous-ness!! It also looks a lot like a three tiered cake I blogged about previously. That cake was a little more ornate and didn't have any green which almost makes me like this cake more! Also it's a two-tiered cake which my wedding planner says is a more appropriate size for my wedding party. I am not convinced. I still love the idea of three tiers.

Last but certainly not least are my SHOES!! I've seen these shoes everywhere. They've been in at least three wedding posts since I blogged about them. I like them so much but I'm not sure if I should get them now (keep in mind: I have no dress, no location and no color scheme picked). Their still on piperlime... but will they be in a year??

Budget Savvy Idea: Printable Press

Here's an amazing budget friendly invitation idea. Printable Press is a amazing alternative to expensive wedding stationary. As it says on the site:

It is a way to have professionally designed invitations for those on a small budget. We believe that everyone deserves good design. In this day and age it is more important than ever to be careful with money—but lovely design should always be a part of life as well.

Here are some of my favorite designs:
{Mod Candy Collection: Picnic}

{Sheer Whimsy Collection: Vintage Lace}

{Classically Lovely Collection: Regency}

{Pattern and Swirl Collection: Wallflower}

Here's how it works:
1. Choose your style
You choose a design from the many themes available and consider what size you want for your invitation. Invitations come in 5" x 7" and can be printed either at home or at an online printing service. If you don't find something you like then you can send a customized request. The couple can customize almost any invitation.

2. Contact us
After you choose your style, send them an email. When you have finalized your design choice they will send you an invoice, and once you pay, they will immediately begin setting your text. It only takes about a week to turn it around.

3. Proof
Once they've set your text, they will email you a PDF of your invitation for you to spell-check and to test the colors (if you're printing out invitations yourself). If there are any revisions they will incorporate them and then send you a final PDF, formatted for whatever printing method you choose.

4. Print
When you get your design you just have to print them out!

Just another thing to think about...

{Source: Green Wedding Shoes}

I was doing my daily blog circuit and saw this adorable wedding on Green Wedding Shoes. It caught my eye because it is another chandelier alter wedding, which I adore! Then I started to notice all the other details... like these ampersand pictures. HOW ADORABLE. What a great idea!

Then I noticed the aisle runner... I think this an amazing detail. Something I have seen in the past but haven't thought about very seriously. So the google search began, and like everything else wedding-related, it turns out there is an entire industry devoted specifically to wedding runners. A lot of the sites just featured monogrammed runners which isn't really my style. I am not even sure we are doing a monogram. Then I found Wedding Runways...(sigh)... I hate falling in love with new details that I don't need and certainly can't afford but I suppose there is no harm in looking.

The create your own runner feature is kind of fun too!

Giveaway: Lena Lime Studion {7" Clutch or $20GC}

I love swag. Here's another great giveaway from I Do Budget Weddings!
Win a 7" clutch, or $20 gift certificate towards a large bridal order. Winner can choose from Dana's collection of fabric patterns.

The Rules

1) MANDATORY ENTRY! Go to Lena Lime Studio on Etsy and check out her store. Then go back to I do buget weddings and comment on your favorite item and which fabric you would choose (visit Dana's Flickr account to view her list of fabrics). This is mandatory! Contestants who do not do this will be disqualified. Remember to leave your email address or some way to contact you with each entry!

Check out I do for other ways to enter!

The deadline to enter this contest is 11:59 p.m., July 21, 2010 (PST).

Good luck!

Immune to White Blindness

So I've been reading Offbeat Bride every morning on the train and yesterday I read the section called "Vanity, Fashion & Other Things We Shouldn't Care About"... anyone who knows me (or has read my credit card statement) knows that this chapter almost certainly doesn't apply to me. Her chapter on wedding dresses titled "Clothes for her: On Poufy Dresses and Barefootedness" ended with a story about a bride who got "white blindness" pretty quickly and eventually gave up "in disgust convinced that every single dress looked exactly the same: hideous!"


Now, I recognize that everyone is entitled to their opinion (even if it is wrong..) but this made my stomach turn. I L.O.V.E. WEDDING DRESSES!

The first time I went to look at dresses I went with my college roommate (and MOH)and learned that: (1) I look A-MAZING in wedding dresses (2)I could try on wedding dresses forever.... and (3)Did I mention that I look A-MAZING in wedding dresses? (This is actually not a sign of my vanity... I swear!).

That being said, I have pretty much picked my dress, but I can't seem to pull the trigger because I don't want the dress trying to stop. (Does it have to?)

Yesterday, I got this email from Kleinfelds about their Summer Sale... the thing is, I am really torn about Kleinfeld. People seem to love it. I use to love the show but after my horrible experience there I haven't been able to watch the show. More importantly, I don't want to spend my money there.

In better and much more exciting news, I also got this email this morning!

I am a little lukewarm about living in NY but things like this make is so worth it!

To see more click here.

To make an appointment email!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feelin' a little low

It turns out I'm not 21 anymore. After the red eye on Monday, I felt amazing. I was a little shocked that I felt so well (seeing that I am prone to whiny-ness and over-exhaustion). In light of this discovery I decided to go to a Mets game after work yesterday...

Guess what!?!? Today I feel like shiiiit. I am exhausted in every single bone in my body. This has made me distracted, anti-social and a little on edge... FUN!

I thought I could use a little pick me up so I am just going to post about things that made me smile today (which is kind of a big deal..)

{Source: Style Me Pretty}

{Source:Style Me Pretty}

How pretty are these place settings! I am no where near deciding on things like table settings but these are so sweet I had to blog about them. Turns out I am a pretty girly girl. I love flowers and doilies. (But check out the convo with my FF... looks like I might get more floral/lace/sparkly fabulous-ness than I thought!)

{Source:Chic Drink Chic}

These great little DIY Floral Gift Tags are an adorable detail. I have no idea what I would do with them and I don't have an X-acto knife so it may be difficult to pull off but it still made me smile.

{Source: Green Wedding Shoes}

This is the gchat my FF and I had about this wedding today:

ME: cutest groom ever
FF: yeah that whole wedding is rad
FF: things i like: his suit, his hair, the scar on his left cheek, her makeup, the caketoppers, her hairpiece, the wedding invites, everything
ME: :)
FF: i guess the point is even if stuff is a little girly, as long as its cool, im down. no more sticks in the mud
FF: :)

Last but not least... MY VEIL CAME TODAY!! I am so excited. I was going to try and blog about it tonight but it turns out... I don't even know how to put it on. So after 3 very frustrating tries I decided to stop before I broke the damn thing (its not a damn thing... its really darling. I love it). I will definitely blog about it soon and let you know how it goes!

Good Night Ya'll!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Before I left for LA for the fourth I found this wonderful little gift in the mail:

I only got through the first few chapters this weekend and so far its about 55% helpful, 30% entertainment,and 15% stressful.
Thanks roomie! Turns out I still heart my MOH.

Summer Refreshments

Summer's here!!! If you haven't heard, its been unbelievably hot in New York. This got me thinking about one of my favorite things in the summer... an ice cold class of pink lemonade. These fusion jars are also a great addition to any outdoor summer wedding. They not only add a great punch of color to any tablescape but also add a sense of summer fun.

Here are some of my fav options:

{Pottery Barn $59-$69}

{Fresh Finds $59.95}

{classic hostess: left $24.99, center $27.99, right$49.99}

Something else that I love is mason jars! They are so versatile, and practical while still being a-dor-able!

We started drinking out of jars about a year ago because my FF tends to be a little clumsy. He really likes to take a jar of ice coffee with him in the car because the lid keeps him from making a mess.

How delicious do these drinks look :D

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