Saturday, April 3, 2010

I ♥ my MOH

My college roommate (and MOH) came into the city this weekend to do some post-engagement celebrating and some pre-wedding planning. Being the amazing person that she is, she came bearing gifts!!!

I love bridal magazines.

Before getting engaged the only time I got to read one was when I was getting my hair or nails done. Sometimes I would stay a little longer in the dryer at the nail salon just so I could get through a magazine.

The irony that I am engaged I can't really convince myself that they are worth the money or the (wasted) paper. After all, I have the internet, and a color printer. That being said, there is something amazingly bridal about sitting with a mimosa one a beautiful spring day next to your college roommate and flipping through bridal magazines.

Another reason why she was an obvious choice for MOH is because she is fabulously neurotic! Right after I accidentally spilled the beans she went to the bookstore to buy a bridesmaid handbook, and to pick me up the matching Bride's Guide. I am not the least bit surprised. I knew she would take the responsibility seriously. As Monica Gellar would say, "Rules are good. Rules control the fun."

Beyond the amazing resources she also brought crafting supplies!!!...Iron-on letters, and puff paint (in three colors...TWO shades of pink!).

I had this amazing idea that we should do DIY bridesmaids invitations for my other bridesmaids. Once the project is done I'll be sure to post the results!!!


  1. Thanks for this amazing shoutout!! I do sound a bit more than "fabulously" neurotic... but when you are given such an honor as being asked to be someone's MOH, it behooves you to learn the rules. Because they do control the fun... just like tests make us all better learners. (Another Monica quote). I'm here to do anything I can... I am overjoyed to be a part of your big day!!! xoxo

  2. "Rules are made to be broken!" (Auntie Keeks quote) Have a blast, girls!!


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