Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feelin' a little low

It turns out I'm not 21 anymore. After the red eye on Monday, I felt amazing. I was a little shocked that I felt so well (seeing that I am prone to whiny-ness and over-exhaustion). In light of this discovery I decided to go to a Mets game after work yesterday...

Guess what!?!? Today I feel like shiiiit. I am exhausted in every single bone in my body. This has made me distracted, anti-social and a little on edge... FUN!

I thought I could use a little pick me up so I am just going to post about things that made me smile today (which is kind of a big deal..)

{Source: Style Me Pretty}

{Source:Style Me Pretty}

How pretty are these place settings! I am no where near deciding on things like table settings but these are so sweet I had to blog about them. Turns out I am a pretty girly girl. I love flowers and doilies. (But check out the convo with my FF... looks like I might get more floral/lace/sparkly fabulous-ness than I thought!)

{Source:Chic Drink Chic}

These great little DIY Floral Gift Tags are an adorable detail. I have no idea what I would do with them and I don't have an X-acto knife so it may be difficult to pull off but it still made me smile.

{Source: Green Wedding Shoes}

This is the gchat my FF and I had about this wedding today:

ME: cutest groom ever
FF: yeah that whole wedding is rad
FF: things i like: his suit, his hair, the scar on his left cheek, her makeup, the caketoppers, her hairpiece, the wedding invites, everything
ME: :)
FF: i guess the point is even if stuff is a little girly, as long as its cool, im down. no more sticks in the mud
FF: :)

Last but not least... MY VEIL CAME TODAY!! I am so excited. I was going to try and blog about it tonight but it turns out... I don't even know how to put it on. So after 3 very frustrating tries I decided to stop before I broke the damn thing (its not a damn thing... its really darling. I love it). I will definitely blog about it soon and let you know how it goes!

Good Night Ya'll!


  1. i plan to stand by that no more sticks in the mud thing.


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