Friday, July 9, 2010

Made for me...

I am usually not a huge fan of the from reality to inspiration vendor faux weddings but then I saw this one which I think was designed just for me! To be honest, I didn't love anything about the bride. Her dress or her veil, she was really a non-factor but then again this is a vendor wedding so it isn't really about the bride anyway.

So I don't love this particular chandelier but I do love chandeliers so this was a go sign. This chandelier is a little country ranch for me and not as romantic as the inspiration board chandeliers (which are EXACTLY the kind of chandeliers I love).

Then I saw the milk and cookies...which is actually kind of funny because my FF has been begging for milk and cookies at the wedding ever since he had them at a wedding reception.

Love the lace around the flowers and the simple monogrammed detail. I don't really have an family heirlooms but if I did I think this would be a great place to add the something borrowed.

I love love love vintage postage stamps. Another unnecessary but amazingly gorgeous detail. This envelope is so darling. I didn't realize how much calligraphy added to an envelope until I got a recent invitation that was handwritten. (I know... I've become a very judgmental and kind of mean bride-to-be... I'm not sure how it happened.)So after seeing this envelope I immediately googled "calligraphy instructions" thinking I could learn to do my own. Then I also checked out the bio of the calligrapher who did these weddings. Turns out she has 20 years experience and was master trained under some uber famous world class instructors. Did you even know that existed? I was pretty sure that I could just go to Staples or Office Max this weekend and pick up a calligraphy pen and figure it out. I think I still might.

I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the lace detail on all the wedding paper. Here's more of the great lace detail on the invitation. These invitations are from Paper Moss which I am super excited about checking out!

Then there is this awesome. Gorgeous cake! I love the subtle details. The colors are even my favorite wedding colors, white, pink and a hint of sage. Gorgeous-ness!! It also looks a lot like a three tiered cake I blogged about previously. That cake was a little more ornate and didn't have any green which almost makes me like this cake more! Also it's a two-tiered cake which my wedding planner says is a more appropriate size for my wedding party. I am not convinced. I still love the idea of three tiers.

Last but certainly not least are my SHOES!! I've seen these shoes everywhere. They've been in at least three wedding posts since I blogged about them. I like them so much but I'm not sure if I should get them now (keep in mind: I have no dress, no location and no color scheme picked). Their still on piperlime... but will they be in a year??

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