Friday, July 9, 2010

Immune to White Blindness

So I've been reading Offbeat Bride every morning on the train and yesterday I read the section called "Vanity, Fashion & Other Things We Shouldn't Care About"... anyone who knows me (or has read my credit card statement) knows that this chapter almost certainly doesn't apply to me. Her chapter on wedding dresses titled "Clothes for her: On Poufy Dresses and Barefootedness" ended with a story about a bride who got "white blindness" pretty quickly and eventually gave up "in disgust convinced that every single dress looked exactly the same: hideous!"


Now, I recognize that everyone is entitled to their opinion (even if it is wrong..) but this made my stomach turn. I L.O.V.E. WEDDING DRESSES!

The first time I went to look at dresses I went with my college roommate (and MOH)and learned that: (1) I look A-MAZING in wedding dresses (2)I could try on wedding dresses forever.... and (3)Did I mention that I look A-MAZING in wedding dresses? (This is actually not a sign of my vanity... I swear!).

That being said, I have pretty much picked my dress, but I can't seem to pull the trigger because I don't want the dress trying to stop. (Does it have to?)

Yesterday, I got this email from Kleinfelds about their Summer Sale... the thing is, I am really torn about Kleinfeld. People seem to love it. I use to love the show but after my horrible experience there I haven't been able to watch the show. More importantly, I don't want to spend my money there.

In better and much more exciting news, I also got this email this morning!

I am a little lukewarm about living in NY but things like this make is so worth it!

To see more click here.

To make an appointment email!


  1. I had to exit my google reader to say that I'm sure you DO LOOK AMAZING.

    Also, I went into the Jcrew briday store a few weeks ago and their stuff is SUPER cute. you would look smashing in their stuff!

  2. Thanks Em! I LOVE the back of that dress you sent me. It looks a lot like the back of my dress ;)


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