Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Inspirational Outdoor Wedding

So I first fell in love with this wedding because of the gorgeous location. Then as I read the story behind the wedding, I was truly inspired. This bride had the foresight to keep her guest list short so that she could splurge on her guest.

It needs to be said that I have been having nightmares about my guest list and overall attendance at my wedding. Basically, I dream that I make my grand entrance at my wedding in my gorgeous wedding gown and NO ONE is there (not even my parents!). It's horrifying! This wedding really reminds me that I should focus on the people who are most important to me because those are the people who will really try to be there for me on my big day :)

I adore this white wedding.

For more images from this wedding click here.


  1. YOUR wedding is gonna be both outdoors and inspirational. <3


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