Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Refreshments

Summer's here!!! If you haven't heard, its been unbelievably hot in New York. This got me thinking about one of my favorite things in the summer... an ice cold class of pink lemonade. These fusion jars are also a great addition to any outdoor summer wedding. They not only add a great punch of color to any tablescape but also add a sense of summer fun.

Here are some of my fav options:

{Pottery Barn $59-$69}

{Fresh Finds $59.95}

{classic hostess: left $24.99, center $27.99, right$49.99}

Something else that I love is mason jars! They are so versatile, and practical while still being a-dor-able!

We started drinking out of jars about a year ago because my FF tends to be a little clumsy. He really likes to take a jar of ice coffee with him in the car because the lid keeps him from making a mess.

How delicious do these drinks look :D

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