Monday, January 31, 2011

Slight Chance of Shower

Some of you may remember the Christmas blizzard of 2010, if you don't, it took place the day after Christmas and dumped two feet of snow on New York City! The thing was that my family (two sisters, one niece, one nephew and my mom!) had come to stay with me (and Mr.) for A WEEK in our tiny ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT. Now if you aren't Chinese you may not understand how you end up with your 3 adults and two children staying in your living room, but it if you are, you understand how impossibly hard it is to say no!

At first it didn't seem like the worst thing in the world. I LOVE my family plus there is SO much to do in NYC that I figured they wouldn't be around that much. Then the blizzard hit they night they arrived! If they had been on a flight just a few hours later, they would have never made it at all. So after a day of board games and wedding crafting we decided it was time to venture into the snow.

Day one looked like this:

{My mom, me, my sister, and my other sister holding my nephew}

{Mr. and Me}

We decided to go for brunch three and a half blocks away and it took almost 30 mins to get there! By the time we got back (and built snowmen in the street) everyone was EXHAUSTED.

The next day we tried again...this time we had a big day! We went to Bryant park to check out the ice skaters, then to the fabric district to get project supplies, then a little shopping in midtown, headed down to China town for lunch, and finished off with a little more shopping! It was a looooong cold day... yet for some reason my sisters kept talking about having a girls night out!

By the time we got home it was almost 4 and my sisters were super excited to go get drinks later that evening. I secretly knew I was not getting back out of my pajamas. As 6 o'clock rolled around my baby sister mentioned that one of her friends was in town and she would love to go see her. I happily gave her instructions and wished her well. Unfortunately that was not enough she wanted me to take her! I dug my heels in, I was NOT leaving my house! Soon my other sister was on my case as well. I was increasingly annoyed, after all they were staying in MY apartment and I had walked around freezing cold, slushy, crowded NY ALL DAY!!

Finally they got to Mr.! Before I knew it, he was trying to talk me into going out with my sisters... Traitor! I had finally decided that I would secretly walk my sisters to the subway and then get of the train behind them... horrible, I know BUT I was freezing and tired!

Luckily, they broke!

They told me that they were planning a surprise bridal shower for me and two of my bridesmaids had come in from out of state (in the blizzard!!), and were waiting for us downtown! I felt horrible! After a few forced hugs and lots of kisses, we all finally got dressed and headed down.

{My baby sister, Me, My other sister}

{Me, Bridesmaid L, MOH N, Awesome Friend S}

They even got us an ice cream cake! I love ice cream cake. We tried to do practice cake cutting pictures but the cake was frozen so they turned out like this...

My niece loved the ice cream cake even more...her shirt should say " I love ice cream cake & NOT sharing"

This is my family's reaction to my "wedding smile." I've been practicing a new smile (aka no bottom teeth) but my family seems to think its HILARIOUS! (notice that they all have the EXACT same laugh!)

{Mom holding nephew, My baby sister, Me, My middle sister}

I think the smile looks perfectly natural....well not "perfectly" natural but it's definitely getting there.

Well, thanks for the FABULOUS bridal shower ladies. It's the best surprise bridal shower I've EVER had. Sorry I was such a "zilla".

Has anyone else been a HUGE "zilla?" How'd you make it up to the people you raged on!?!?


  1. Awww! What a beautiful family!

    PS: I wanna see the smile you have been working on lol

  2. Aww i love that they were planning on surprising you with a shower. I probably wouldve done the same thing and not gotten out of my pjs until everyone broke too. ;)

  3. I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! That was so sweet of them to surprise you like that in the blizzard! You have a beautiful smile and family. Congrats! :)

  4. You're totally not a zilla.. it was snowy and you wanted to stay home, I would too! However.. I'm glad they got you out and you had an awesome shower :))

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog! I haven't had a "zilla" moment yet, but I still have 8 months to work on it! ;)
    Doesn't sound like you really had a "zilla" moment either, I'd wanna stay in on a cold day like that too!

  6. You are totally not a 'zilla. We knew what we were getting into planning this event :) We just love you so much that we had to try to surprise you even though we knew we wouldn't win!! Hope you had as much fun being celebrated as we had celebrating you and your wonderful fiance. Love & miss you both!


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