Sunday, January 30, 2011

Letterpress of my very own!

After months and months of looking at wedding invitations, I finally decided to create my own design. I really wanted something unique, personalized and whimsical. Basically, it needed to be something that I felt would reflect the feel of our wedding. I kept telling Laura that I wish I could just hand write a invitation to each of my guest. Finally, we decided that I would hand write my invitation and then send it out to a press and have it letterpressed! Genius, I know! The design part didn't take that long. Laura used her fancy-pants design program to figure out the lines and spacing. Then I traced the invite and gave it a personal touch.

Finding the right letterpress was the hard part. After all, I had to figure out who to trust with my invites. I considered a number of options: Mercurio Brothers, Thistleberry, White Aisle, Wild Ink Press, and Parklife Press. First, I emailed them all to confirm pricing since I was requesting an irregular number of invitations (65) and wanted to submit my own design. Unfortunately, a few of them never even responded to my email so they were immediately cut from the list. Then I cut all the places that were out of my price range.

Once I had my top three I sent another email requesting samples and asking follow-up questions. (doing my due diligence and all...). I finally picked Travis at Parklife Press. He asked me what I was looking for and sent me a free selection of samples. Best part, I gave him the wrong address by accident and once I realized my mistake, he over-nighted a second set of invitations! He was fabulous, not only did he respond quickly to all my emails but they were personalized and casual responses (nothing canned or overly formal). I felt that he would be easy to work with and I could definitely trust him with this very important responsibility.

Let me just say, I was right! The invites turned out beautifully. My fabulous invitations came in just three days before I left for Amsterdam. I was so busy moving (packing, cleaning, etc) that I forgot they were coming! What a pleasant surprise :D

Here's a little peek:


  1. GASP those are BEAUTIFUL! so that is your own handwriting?! i love the whimsicalness of it all

  2. Gorgeous! If only my handwriting were that good. Letterpress is so awesome.

  3. Can't wait to see more those look very pretty!

  4. What an awesome idea.. can't wait to see more! And if that's you're handwriting? I'm way jealous. So gorgeous.

  5. I am waiting by the door!!!!! Cannot wait to receive this beautiful invite!!!!!

  6. Love, love, love! Good job on the invites. So creative and beautiful!


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