Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Surf, Swim, Sun ...California lovin'

Although it won't be warm enough to surf or swim, there will be some sun and lots of California love. We are headed to LA to spend Thanksgiving with D's family. It's actually pretty exciting for me because I'm not American so I had never had a "real" Thanksgiving until I started spending it with D's family. I really enjoy traditions... they definitely make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. There is also nothing more amazing then being invited into another family's tradition.

In honor of our journey to the City of Angels I wanted to do some sort of fall feast post or family post, but I really couldn't find a new take on it. Then I saw this post on Grey Likes Weddings.


Who doesn't love sweet engagement pictures? And how much do we love an adorable vintage swimsuit. I love the idea of doing a swimsuit on my trash the dress/day after shoot... I've been playing with the idea for awhile but haven't really thought about it that seriously. D loves the water, his only request was that we get trash the dress pictures taken in the water. How can you deny a man his one and only request??

So the hunt for the picture wedding swimsuit begins. We all know how much I love Ouma! They have this fabulous playsuit, that is to die for!
The bow in the back is such a great detailor! But I def don't think I can convince myself (or my lovely fiance) that I should spend $168 on a playsuit.

I found these cute little suits on Unique Vintage for $75.

Lolita Girl also has a selection of suits starting at $99 with a couple on sale for $69.

To be honest none of them make me swoon the way the Ouma one does... Perhaps I should go with a two piece??


What can I say, it's a woman's prerogative, right? :D

Happy Thanksgiving!

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