Saturday, November 6, 2010

On fiances and weddings

Hi. Mr husband to be here. So. I've been supposed to blog since THE BEGINNING but, well, you know how that goes.

So our current (OK really probably one of our current ten) debate/conversation is about "our wedding song." This can either mean the song we'll want on our wedding video or one of the several songs that will play at or wedding. Clearly a huge decision.
-Actually, this is a big deal for me. Music is on the shortlist of ish that I care about. I have always and will always think music is better than words for expressing important, deep, metaconsciousness type things that we can barely even think about concretely enough to put into words.
sorry. soap boxing aside.

So we had been watching some demos with various songs on them and talking about pros and cons of them as models of what we want our song to be. I said I can't stand that "our love is so dramatic and perfect that when you hear this song you'll imagine sweeping vistas and a story to span the ages" type music for a wedding video song.

Naturally, having (a soul and) been in high school in california and played/sang in various punk bands, I suggested this all time classic love song:

Nerdy - by Poison the Well. (def love on the use of happy feet. not my choice, but totally awesome)

BTW, lyrics matter.

Why do your eyes paralyze me?
What makes me feel this way?
Carry me away with silence and heartbeats as rapid
Thinking about your embrace
And how it makes me feel
I just want to feel this way forever
Sleep on portraits painted as perfect as you
Why have I been given the chance to fly
When I'm not with you I feel lesser alone
Why have I been given the chance to fly, away?
I remember your face imprinted on angels
Your voice as beautiful as the sounds of waves
Crashing against my heart
Time slows down when you look at me
I'm infatuated with this / infatuated with you
I remember your face imprinted on angels
It's so hard for me to understand
Why I hadn't found you before
Don’t dull away,
Hold my hand

Anyway, that got resoundingly rejected. No worries it maybe was the right call. Screaming + wedding /= happy wedding bride.

But the real resolution "ahaa" moment to this whole thing came when I walked in after she jokingly suggested African Queen. She was sitting with her laptop as usual and "Hey Soul Sister" (or whatever it's called) was playing. (and not the mind-bogglingly awesome version by that cute little kid.)

She was kinda half-crying, which to be honestly didn't surprise me cuz with all the wedding videos and such she has been leaking a bit from the eyes for a while. The real revelation was that she was just WATCHING THE MUSIC VIDEO FOR THE SONG. I sit down on the bed next to her and this douche-y looking dude, Patrick Monahan, is on the screen making his "I'm so cool" face and singing. So yeah. She was just crying about a song on Samsung commercials. It was totally funny and awesome.

and there you have it. my blog post. me.

and now, to play me off, a 5-year old Japanese kid dominating.


  1. Ladies, NOW you know what I'm working with!

    hahahaha... iloveu.

  2. just watched the video.....OMG........Boy you crazy. LOL Interesting though....:-D


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