Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Flower Inspiration

Despite my continued claims that I am "not a flower person" I can't help but swoon over these pretty little green-leafed beauties. Ever since I was told that I may have the option of having dahlias at my wedding, I've noticed them everywhere.

Unfortunately, beautiful flowers don't come cheap! Like most brides, I headed straight for google to figure out how to save money on flowers. It seems like the top five ways to save money are:

1. Shop smart - This means picking flowers that are in season and are available locally. This also means, if you are getting married around Valentine's or Mother's Day, traditional flowers such as roses may cost you more.
2. Double Dip - Pick flowers for the reception that you can re-use at the reception. This means pick flowers that will last the duration of BOTH events. For example, while hydrangeas are budget friendly flowers they are SUPER prone to wilting because (as their name implies) they LOVE water. In order to preserve the bloom you can't simple cut the stem at an angle. The traditional angle won't give the flower enough surface area to get the water it needs. What you need to do is gently peel the outer layer of the stem off the bottom inch. In other words, do your research!
3. Think creatively - Instead of a bouquet, each of your bridesmaids could just carry a single flower. Sunflowers for instance make a great impact and would look great at a rustic outdoor wedding. OR if you have lots of bridesmaids they could each carry a single flower, such as a rose or a peony and then at the alter you could collect them for your wedding bouquet. This would obviously take some maneuvering but could definitely be a great (budget-friendly) choice.
4. Green is good - Use lots of fillers. Greenery will make your bouquet look fuller without adding too much to your bottom line.
5. Trust your vendor -Once you've shown your vendor what you like and discussed your color scheme, they probably have a lot of great suggestions on how to stay within your budget.

* 6. Boycott flowers!!- I didn't include fake flowers because I am personally not a fan of fake flowers. This is definitely a personal preference but obviously silk or even paper florals can be really great, if done right. Also, there is NO rule that there has to be flowers at a wedding. Personally, I love button bouquets and brooch bouquets! Unfortunately, they aren't really my style and I don't have the time or the energy to spend months collecting buttons/brooches.

There are obviously a lot of great ways to save money on flowers and the best thing about being cost-effective is that its also great for the environment!

So, after much searching I think that I have found MY dream bouquet. It is a perfect combination of the tropical yet romantic feel that I love. I love the use of the white orchid and the soft pinks.

This is my second favorite bridal bouquet. How gorgeous is the HUGE white flower?!?!

I'm still working on the rest of my florals but these are some inspirations that I like for the bridesmaids' bouquets and centerpieces. I was thinking that we could deconstruct the bouquets and put a few stems in little glasses vases. I figure that tall centerpieces don't really make sense at a morning brunch.


What are some other ways to save money on flowers? Did you find that the more you looked at flowers the more you appreciated their loveliness?


  1. Miss JD love the inspiration for today and congrats on the cinematographer!! Thank you for missing me. Now I can live vicariously through all your planning. Enjoy every moment :)

  2. The second bouquet is beautiful! Love the colors

    I didn't think I liked Dahlias at first but the more I see them the more I love them!

  3. I love the soft pink color soooo much! I like how the colors you have chosen are not "typical" destination wedding colors. It makes me feel like im doing something right lol

  4. So beautiful! I love dahlias as well. I really like the light toned pinks that you are going for. I wasn't much of a flower person before getting engaged but I find myself really drawn to them now. Funny how that happens!


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