Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Design + Inspiration

Awhile ago Miss HoneyBear shared a link to free tape clip art which I have been dying to use, so here it is! I am still pretty bad at and can't figure out all the layers but I think they turned out alright.

As you can see I am also still pretty obsessed with things hanging from the ceiling! I am not entirely sure if I prefer flowers or those clear balls but they are all so pretty.


*For DIY instructions click here

I like the way the balls look like bubbles. It reminds me of that scene in Cinderella....(I heart Disney). I've been starting to really consider bubbles instead of petals or confetti at the wedding. I love the idea of the having bubble guns (so I can really get the volume of bubbles I want plus I don't want weird blowing pictures...hehehe).

Now how would I go about making a bubble gun look wedding appropriate?!!? I think it may require more than just ribbon... but who knows.


  1. I love those tiny glass bottles with the flowers in it. You find the sweetest wedding decor. Congrats on finding a cinematographer by the way!

  2. Bubble guns would be cute! Maybe you could spray paint them in one of your wedding colors?

  3. Thanks Monique. Is Tipa Tipa back?!?!

    Mich: I was thinking the same things or if I buy white ones I could create a combination of burlap lace and pink ribbon, almost like a bouquet wrap haha.

    I also thought that groomsmen would love to be "packing heat" at the wedding. They are exactly the kind of guys who would LOVE that... BUT be opposed to the lace/ribbon wrap. HAH.

  4. Thanks for the link to the DIY twine balls! I'm also obsessed with hanging things from the ceiling, but that's gonna be tough at our venue. So I'm thinking of making these and using them on the table as centerpieces. BTW, the glass bubbles are gorgeous! And your idea about using bubble guns is brilliant! There's nothing a little (lot of) ribbon can't fix. :-)

  5. Hi Miss JD just notice this question as I'm searching your blog for wedding inspiration. Nope still not back up yet. Will certainly keep you updated. Congrats on becoming a
    Wedding bee!


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