Thursday, November 18, 2010

What goes up must come down??

As you all know, I won this amazing birdcage veil from One Little Dove, however I haven't decided how I want to wear the veil. There are two issues:

1. Should I add a fascinator of some sort (feathers, flowers, a feather flower, crystals, etc)? (I will deal with that in a separate post)

2. Hair up or hair down?

While I was on the Bee today I saw this great post about first looks from Miss Sloth with this picture:

Which got me thinking about the birdcage veil hair-up/hair-down dilemma. It also reminded me of this Style Me Pretty Costa Rica Wedding. (This couple is so gorgeous its not even fair!)

{Source **In case you don't remember, this wedding was planned by my wedding planner and photographed by my photographer. I know they ARE awesome.}


So here's the dilemma it's gonna be hot and humid in Costa Rica so hair up seems like the more realistic option... BUT I also don't wear my hair down that often and I love the way my hair looks when its down. It is a special occasion so maybe I should wear my hair down...

Here are some other inspiration photos that I have in my hair folder. I apologize for not having sources. I collected these for my own personal use before I had a blog.
{Source Unknown}

After looking at all the gorgeous hair down options it seems like an easy call... then you see all these:





There is something so bridal about a nice loose up-do... it's just so easy but it'll also make my neck, and shoulders stand out more in my strapless dress. Sometimes it seems like the decisions never end! I think the deciding factor is going to be DIY-ability, since I have decided that I will by DIY-ing my hair and makeup. I know craziness. That being said, you can look forward to a lot of DIY hair posts in the near future :P

What do you think? Did you pick your veil to match your desired hairstyle or did you pick your hairstyle first and then choose the best accent (veil, flower, jeweled headband)?


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog...thanks for the encouragement! I have not decided on my hair-do but i am sure you'll make the best decision! Awesome inspirations!

  2. Oh dear now you've got me considering the birdcage veil.


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