Thursday, September 30, 2010

StDs - Designed/Delivered Part I

As previously mentioned, my StDs finally went out on Monday... and people have already received them. I thought it would be a good time to share my STD process.

The StDs were designed and printed in Stamford, Connecticut about a month ago. I took the Metro North up to Stamford and met with my bridesmaid L.

Immediately, L got to work in her home office. (She does this for a living!)

This is me giving her a thumbs up! I was pretty useless. At some point I just have so many ideas that I become indecisive so I just provide general statements of approval.

We finally got them printed!!! This is LA checking out the prints and making sure they were consistent, making sure the black was black and all the edges were clean. I love that my friends are perfectionist just like me :D

Then she cut and whole punched the individual save the dates! She punched little semi-circle notches in the side of the StDs because we tied a piece of twine around each invite... as a mnemonic device of sorts since we used "Tying the Knot".... I know it's a little cheesy but I liked it :D

Because were were ignoring her cat, he made sure to remind us that he was around!

My job was to put holes in the calendars for the little heart shaped brads.

They really turned out great and I'll post the final invites soon enough.

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