Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shoe Festish: Obsession much

I was really really really trying to be a good student today. I was checking on the delivery of my International & Comparative Criminal Law book from Amazon (yes, we are ten days into the school year and I still haven't cracked some of my textbooks) but when I logged onto Amazon this is what I saw:

Even Amazon wants me to find a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes! That being said, I heart Karen Millen! I don't know much about here but I ran into these shoes on ASOS. Although I adore all four of them, I think that the three gray ones would be a perfect selection for my wedding day! (Yes, I think I need three pairs of shoes.)

{Karen Millen - $227; Karen Millen - $278; Karen Millen - $227; Karen Millen - On Sale for $177}

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