Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DIY Disaster

{Not me}

I had this horrible DIY disaster this weekend.... Dave and I actually had a very productive wedding day Friday. We went to look at things for our registry at Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and Williams-Sonoma. Then we went to DSW to look at wedding shoes. Finally we went to Paper Presentation to pick up envelopes and paper for envelope liners.

Paper Presentation was A-MA-ZING! It was so overwhelmingly awesome... floor to ceiling paper! We (I) spent an hour just touching the different papers, which I'm sure is frowned upon but I couldn't help myself.

Then we spent Saturday lining the envelopes which was really fun! (I'll post all the pictures once I send out the invitations) The disaster took place on Sunday when we couldn't get out printer to print the font we wanted so I decided that I could just do by hand. hahahaha... The arrogance. I should have known it was a bad idea when I screwed up the first envelope! I spelled my own home town wrong

But then D decided in that moment to start being exceptionally supportive and convinced me it looked great and that if I just slowed down it would be fine! I did a few more and realized I still hated it but thought maybe I was being a little psychotic. After all, D said it looked fine. Maybe I was just too close to the issue.

Fast forward to an hour later and about 25 envelopes in... I was hysterical. I hated it. I knew I hated it but I let him convince me I didn't hate it, which made me angry at myself and a little at him. Why would I write in black ink!?!? I hate black ink. I am such a perfectionist. Why would I think I could ever send those out!!?!? I should have just waited...

So we are gonna have to try again this weekend :( Sigh. On a happier note, this does mean I get to go back to Paper Presentation :D

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