Monday, September 13, 2010

Shoe Fetish: Fresh Finds!

This weekend I spent a good hour and a half at DSW trying to find wedding shoes. Unfortunately there was nothing that really stood out but I didn't come home empty handed. I got a great pair of black BCBG flats!

SoI am still on the hunt for shoes, which I may have to put on hold because everyone has their fall colors and boots out now. Si I may haae to wait until next spring or New Years (because I love sequins and glitter!)

I'll also have to keep a close eye on all the sample sale websites such as Gilt, Ideeli, Rue la la and Haute Look!

For instance, today Ideeli had these amazing Betsy Johnson shoe sale! I particularly love the baby pink stilettos with the roses... unfortunately I was at work until 3 so by the time I got to my computer they were all sold out in my size :*(

{Betsy Johnson}

But I also found these great Betsy Johnson Shoes on my new favorite shoe site,!

{Betsy Johnson - Law $135}

Did you notice they are called "Law"? It seems like it could be meant to be...

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