Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Location: COSTA RICA!

Overall I had a pretty miserable day today... only because I rushed home for a hair appointment that didn't exist. (You better believe that someone got a strongly worded email!!)

On a brighter note, I got a chance to speak to my future wedding planner today (YAY), among other things, we discussed possible locations! These were the five places she suggested:

{ Iguana Azul }

This was her first suggestion based on a previous post about a location I love. (Another great thing about Larissa...she reads my blog!!). This a great little surf location off the beaten path! I think it looks amazing, but I don't know if its too isolated for my guests.


This location is GORGEOUSNESS. Located in Playa de Coco, this location is a little closer to the airport than the first location and closer to a town. So there will be more for my guests to do but it will also be pricier.

{ Hacienda Pinilla }
This location would make an amazing site because it has a range of options.

{ La Reserva Manuel Antonio }

This location is gorgeous. Manuel Antonio is one of the most amazing beaches in Costa Rica (in my very uninformed opinion). One of the best things about La Reserva is that you don't have to stay there to get married there. All things to keep in mind.

{ Casa Capitan }

Located in Santa Teresa (One communter flight and an hour drive from San Jose), this house is INCREDIBLE! OMG!

I haven't had a chance to check out all the websites but you better believe I will be creating a spreadsheet to decide which location is best.

Larissa also sent over our contract today... is it bad that I am super excited about reading it?? It's not my fault, I am a lawyer!!

Best news of all, Larissa is coming to New York in August for a workshop so hopefully we'll get a chance to meet :D


  1. AAAAAAAAA I love Santa Teresa!!!! We spent 5-6 days there and can vouch for the area being wonderful in addition to Casa Capitan looking absolutely gorgeous. The flight + drive are totally do-able for guests. SOOOOOOO EXCITED for this or any of the other options!!!!!!

  2. Really!!?! We have so many things we need to discuss. I think it looks amazing!!


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