Thursday, April 22, 2010

Location: Costa Rica?

We are still having the hardest time pinning down a location. However, my FF loves Costa Rica and we were just there last January so this morning discussed the possibility of getting married in Costa Rica. It seems like an obvious choice as far as destination weddings go.

Once it was out there I obviously had to start making plans so I spent the morning emailing Costa Rican Wedding Planners.I made it clear that I don't have a date, a guest count or a theme. All I know is that I want to rent a villa with:
1. a beach front
2. With a green space to get married
3. Outdoor dinning
4. Room for the bridal party
5. A Pool
6. A full kitchen

Yup, that's all! Despite my laundry list of requirements one of the planners sent me a number of amazing suggestions. This one is our very, very favorite:

How amazing would this location be! It looks amazingly photogenic, and has everything we want!

The hard part is figuring out the date but I LOOOVE this location. Pura Vida!

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  1. COSTA RICA! COSTA RICA! I am soooooo on board! How can I help???


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