Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Presenting....My dress!!!

After much debate, I have decided to post my dress.

Ok... well, kind of.

It's not me, its just other people in my dress.

*** I'm serious Mr.! if you are reading this, continue at your own risk!***

So here it is:

{Christine Farah via Ruffled}

{Christine Farah via Ruffled}



How fabulous is it! I heart it.

At first I hated seeing other people in my dress... It made it feel less special somehow, but now I love it! I love seeing the way it looks in different context, on different brides, and at very different weddings.

Do you stalk your dress? How does it make you feel to see it on other brides?


  1. Beautiful!! The only stalking I can do of my dress is the photos the bridal salon took for me and the pics on the designer's website. I have yet to see it on another bride. And, honestly, it makes me just a bit excited to think that I'm the only bride to ever wear this dress (although I'm sure that's not true).


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