Thursday, February 10, 2011

I miss summer

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I miss summer. OMG... I miss summer. Let's be honest, at this point, I just miss the sun! Turns out she doesn't make much of appearance here in Amsterdam during the winter months.

This is really the longest I've ever gone without tropical weather. Last winter, Mr. and I went to Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic and the year before we went to Miami and Mexico. This year we didn't go anywhere because we are saving for the wedding and the we had the big move...Let's just say I am in desperate need of my Vitamin D, but since I can't afford to fly to the tropics I've decided to spend my days shopping for the perfect wedding weekend swimwear.

In order to avoid bridal bikini lines, I've decided that a strapless bikini would be the best option. I'm totally obsessed with Vix and love everything I've bought from them but it's always super on sale. There is something about Brazilian swimwear designers that really speaks to me. I also adore Californian swimwear. I don't know that much about flowers, dresses, make-up or shoes but when it comes to swimwear... I am totally in the know.

1. Something Bridal a.k.a.white - I love white swimwear but always worry about transparency.

{Vix- $99}

2. Something tropical - I love mix and matched swim wear. I love bright colors and I LOOOOVE prints.
{Vix -Top $49;Bottom $50}

Here are some more budget friendly options:

{ASOS- Top $27.58; Bottom $20.69}

{Victoria's Secret- $38}

Don't forget an adorable cover-up!! How cute is this ?


Anyone else missing the summer sun?? What are some other great budget swimwear stores I should consider?

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  1. I am so sick of the ugly grey skies. I miss the sun. :-(


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