Sunday, December 19, 2010

Surf with Style


A while back, pretty much out of nowhere, Mr. mentioned that he would really like to incorporate a surf feel into our wedding. Since Mr. almost never thinks about the wedding or offers up an unsolicited opinions I figured I should take this pretty seriously and see what I can do to incorporate his love for surfing.

Of course I haven't quite figured out how I am going to incorporate a "surf feel" into my whimsical, romantic, vintage summer wedding, but I thought I should do a little googling for inspiration and here were some of the most inspirational details I found:

I clearly won't be doing any of this... I am pretty sure I will fall face first into the water, thereby ruining my hair and makeup... so, um, yeah, no surfing pictures.
{Rock N' Roll Bride}

I love this surfboard chalkboard idea. I would also make a great seating chart. I also think that the chalkboard would fit into my theme... I don't really know what colors surf boards come in, but I think a vintage wood surfboard could look amazing and super stylish.
{Avant Bride}

I love this wooden board. However I don't know if we could bring TWO surfboards back to the US with us, since Mr. will already bringing his board down from LA. I also don't know where we would put a surfboard in our TINY New York apartment. Although I should keep in mind that we won't live in a tiny apartment forever!
{Alistair Humphrey}

I thought this cake topper was super cute and appropriate because I will probably have to drag Mr out of the water on our wedding day!
{Fun Wedding Things}

I just liked this picture. I think I could definitely pull this off during our trash the dress session. How hard can it be to lay on your stomach and paddle?? As long as the water is pretty flat, I won't get myself killed! (I'm actually a pretty good swimmer. I was on the swim teach for 7 years, I was a lifeguard for two summers, and I've taught swim lessons for the red cross!...I just happen to have a fear of the ocean. Blame shark week!)
{My Wedding}

I'm gonna have to do a lot more thinking but I think there is definitely a way I can make this work.

Has anyone else incorporated surf elements into your wedding? What other weird/fun things did your SO ask you to incorporate into the wedding?


  1. I love the surf board menu!!!

  2. we incorporated a coral-themed cake in to our new england shoreline beachy chic wedding and it went off pretty well!

    she said yes!

  3. The chalk/surfboard is awesome! Looks like it would be relatively easy to pull off, and it would make a big impact on the decor.

  4. @jacin That sounds lovely! I would love to see that...

    Thanks ladies!I agree...


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