Thursday, December 16, 2010

2 Flower Girls & A Ringbearer

I am so blessed to have an amazing family. I was raised in a very traditional (co-dependent) family and am super close to my fam. I talk to my baby sisters every day, three or four times a day. I also talk to my parents 4-5 times a week... did I mention we are uber co-dependent?

That being said, the family is GROWING!!

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My baby sister has two a-mazing kids who are are going to be my flower girl and ring bearer. Our wedding is about a week before her third birthday and the ring bearer will be about 10months old.

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Also, my very favorite cousin who is going to try super hard to get to my wedding all the way from Malaysia, has an A-DORABLE daughter, who would be my second flower girl. She will be 2.5 at the time of the wedding.

That being said, how am going to get three toddlers down the aisle?!?! At first I was think we could do a wagon situation. Flower girl D loves nothing more than to pull her brother around the house... so she could probably handle it. I am not to worried about stage fright, she is quite the ham.

PLUS Babies in wagons are super adorable!


I love this kid. He has the best hair. Plus who doesn't love a cutie in a suit.


How much do you love the "hear comes the bride" sign. Also doesn't this baby look like an Anne Gedde baby. She looks like a little baby fairy, but I am partial to babies in tutus.

As far as I can tell there are two problems. (1) How would I get a wagon to Costa Rica? Maybe they have them there??(2) Can you even pull a wagon through the sand?? More importantly, could a 3-year-old pull a wagon through sand?

If I can't get this wagon thing to work out, I will just have one of the bridesmaids walk the ring bearer down the aisle. I have 6 bridesmaids and only 5 groomsmen so it would actually work out quite well.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to get three toddlers down the aisle? What about sand-friendly alternatives to a wagon?


  1. about plywood on the sand? You have to make it look pretty though. Now there's a project!

  2. One of those old wooden sleds would work great in the sand.

  3. I love kids...but I don't trust them lol

    Im not having any kids in my wedding, but I do commend you for doing it.

    Maybe the two flower girls can walk down the isle together and one of your bridemaids can hold the hand of the 10 month old....wait 10 month olds cant walk can they? lol

    Well maybe your sister can carry him?

    haha sorry I'm not help.

  4. I have the same problem. My flower girl will be 2.5, and I was contemplating having another one and a ring bearer (twins) who will be 2 but were premies and are underdeveloped for their age. I love the wagon idea, but I'm going to have the moms walk them down I think. It's just easier to know someone will be able to guide them.

  5. And on Married Away's comment, that's a good point, many 10-month-olds can't walk. I so would not trust an infant with my rings, so kudos to you!

  6. @ K. I love the image of dragging babies on plywood

  7. Ya know, now that I think about it... You could probably drag a wagon through the sand. I know we have dragged an ice chest in the sand before and although it takes a little effort, I think a wagon would be easier since it has 4 wheels.


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