Saturday, December 4, 2010

Necklace DIY: Bridesmaids' gifts?

So yes, I am totally obsessed with necklaces right now. I have also been wondering what I should get my bridesmaids. I want to get them something that will be useful and can be individualized but perhaps could also be used at the wedding. In other words, I'd love to pay for something so that they don't have to... With that in mind, I've started looking at possible DIY bridesmaids' necklaces. I found a bunch of necklaces on Etsy that look DIY-able.

1. Simple and Understated

{Etsy - $44}
The thing I love about this necklace is it looks super simple to make, plus it'll be cheaper to make because it only uses 10-12 beads per necklace. I also think the flower looks pretty easy to make... you could also make if fancier by adding a crystal button to the center of the flower or adding a few crystal beads between the pearl beads.

Here is a flower DIY project that I've posted before that I think would work great for this necklace.
{DIY Instructions}

2. Feminine and Fabulous

{Etsy:Mara Necklace - $36}

This necklace has a little bigger pearl beads and the flower is a little larger. It is also more like a floral poof than a flower. The color makes it so hard for me to figure out this necklace. I think I like the general idea, but I would probably use smaller pearls.

Here is a floral poof DIY that I thought would work great for this necklace:
{DIY Instructions}

3. Elegance and Shine

{Etsy - $88}
I love love love this one. I love the crystal beads in between the pearl beads, I like the symplicity and bling in the flower and most of all I love that there are two strands of pearls. While this would be the most expensive necklace to make I definitely think it would be worth the extra $$.

I've also posted this chiffon flower DIY project before but I thought it would be perfection with this necklace, especially in the soft pink!
{DIY Instructions}

As for the beads, it looks like you can order beads for a reasonable price. At Fire Mountains Gems or Oriental Trading. If you prefer to pick some beads up in person I know that Michael's has a considerable collection but I think they are fairly pricey.

What do you think? Would you wear there necklaces? Would your bridesmaids?


  1. I haven't checked out the prices of those places but I bought all my supplies from I thought they had great prices. I bought Swarovski pearls

  2. I love that third one also!!! I wonder how much it would be to make? I must be clueless to the cost of beads!

  3. Those are so pretty! I love the pink tulle flower. Something like the third one with that kind of flower would be awesome!

  4. I would wear these for sure!!!! I love them and I think any girl would find an occasion to wear one of these! They are great!

  5. so beautiful! I wouldn't have worn them on the wedding day because my dress had so much going on.. but I LOVE them for Bridesmaids, Rehearsal dinner, or Sunday brunch or any other day you want to look Fab! :-)

  6. You were mentioned in my post: Check it out!

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