Monday, December 6, 2010

Flower overload...

One of the hardest things about being a DW bride to be is that I don't get to see every single detail beforehand and I really have to trust my wedding planner to understand my vision and make executive decisions. This is insanely difficult for a Type-A, control freak, perfectionist like me!

While we were in LA for Thanksgiving, we were trying to think of a wedding related activity we could do that was (1)low stress and (2)low pressure. We decided that we should go to the Los Angeles Flower Market. As I've mentioned countless times, I am not a huge flower person so I don't really know what I like outside of orchids (which I LOVE).

This is what I learned:

1. When you look at flowers have a plan! This place was huge and it was a little overwhelming. Most of the stores carried the same flowers so it was really about finding flowers that I wanted to see in person and figuring out what colors/sizes they came in.

2. I love ranunculus. They are like a smaller, tighter peony... before I get too excited, I need to ask my wedding planner if they are available in Costa Rica.

3. Peonies are HUGE! I didn't realize what a big flower the peony is... They don't have them in Costa Rica so they aren't really an option but it seems like if someone was DIY-ing their flowers, a few strategically placed peonies would go a long way. They are also all pretty closed still at the flower market so I would be important to figure out how far in advance you need to get them so they are in their full glory on your big day!

4. I pretty much hate hydrangeas. They are definitely great filler flowers and super affordable but they just aren't my style. Of all the flowers they also seem to be the most wilt-y. That being said, I have definitely seen a lot of arrangements with hydrangeas that I do love so.... we'll see.

5. I still LOVE orchids. They are just so fabulous and elegant.

6.Last but not least, I love mums. I especially love the China mum. Look at how huge and gorgeous this flower is!

It turns out that I also don't really know the difference between mums and dahlias. Sigh. So much to learn and so little time!

Were there things you learned about flowers and your own taste once you saw the flowers in-person? Do you have any advice or suggestions about flowers that hold up in the Costa Rican heat and last all day?


  1. Gah! Me love da mums! But my fav. is the spider mum! I haven't really looked at the China mum, so I'll have to. :-)

  2. I wish I could go to the LA Flower Market! I would be in heaven!

  3. Love peonies!!! And I love mums and dahlias as well, although I'm not sure what the difference is between them either!

  4. I LOVE peonies! They aren't available in mexico, so they wont be at our wedding :(

    I'm not really into tropical flowers so I think we are gonna go the safe route and stick with roses. They are widely available down there and I like them well enough lol

  5. Eck, hydrangeas. I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's so hard to find blue flowers that hydrangeas seem like a good option, but I'm still trying to avoid them.

    Orchids are amazing. I wish they were cheaper.


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