Tuesday, November 9, 2010

When to Wed

I've been having a difficult time deciding exactly what time to have the ceremony. Recently, my wedding planner let me know that 9am would probably be the best time to have the wedding.. and I was a little panicked by this. I would LOVE to have an early morning wedding in fact I use to dream about having a sunrise ceremony. I just loved the idea of starting the day off with a wedding and just spending the whole day celebrating.

The problem is that I don't want to deal with all the griping and complaining that comes with an early morning wedding. I already feel selfish for choosing a destination wedding location but now to make people get up at 8 in the morning on their vacation!

Then I saw this:


This lovely couple eloped at 5am! The light is amazing and the bride and groom couldn't look happier... (no sleepy eyes here!).

Granted my situation is slightly different because I did invite guests so it's not just about getting me and D up, but also about getting all the bridesmaids and groomsmen up and ready in time for the ceremony.

Here's my thought: It's our wedding. If people are there, they are there. If they aren't, then they aren't. At the end of the day, we'll be married and we'll still have ALL day to celebrate with all the people we love...

Obviously it isn't that simple but it's nice to dream. It's just so hard to balance what's best for us and what's best for the guests (who happen to be our closest friends and family)

What time are you getting married? Did you have any trouble deciding on a timeline or did it all kind of fall into place naturally?


  1. I'm SO not a morning person, so I could never do the 5 a.m. thing, even though I do love the way the world looks at dawn.

    I wish we were able to choose any time we wanted for our ceremony, but there's a church service at 4 p.m. on Saturdays at the cathedral, so we're looking at a ceremony no later than 1:30 pm.

  2. I completely understand your dilemna. Mr. Budget and I are looking at a friday evening ceremony because I want to use sparklers instead of roses when we leave the church. Our issue is that will people be able to make it from work to the ceremony on time. I say do what works for you. The ones who really love you will be there. Sleepy eyes and all. LOLOL

  3. I will wake up! Do what makes you happy!

  4. Thanks Nik! (She's my MOH...isn't she a sweetie :D)

  5. We're doing early evening (5pm) to catch the summer sunlight, golden hour during cocktails and a beautiful sunset as guests are enjoying dinner. I don't know how you're doing the morning thing. It's a struggle for me to get up before 9 on the weekends.

  6. I am totally a sleeper but I can't sleep in when I am excited. (for example, when we have big trip or I have a big exam) I anticipate I'll be up by 5am ready to go... and then I'll just be antsy!

  7. I would also love a sunrise ceremony! We wake up for triathlons at 4 AM so sunrise would be fine for use... not so much for the guests :). We've decided to do 10:30 to beat the summer heat and keep a morning/ brunch feel.


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