Monday, November 15, 2010

November Letterpress (invitation) deals

I can't believe that we're already half-way through November! I am so so so excited to go to LA for Thanksgiving next week but dreading getting back (Because that means that finals are right around the corner!) That being said, I haven't gotten nearly as much done on the wedding front as I thought I would. Surprise. Surprise. I had all these grandiose delusions of having all my DIY projects completed or planned (bought supplies) before finals so I could work on them in my down time and pack them all up in a nice little box before we move to Amsterdam. Denial.

My new goal is to get my invitations done this month. While me and LA had a great brainstorming session last week, I still haven't started doing anything. So I spent a little time today reviewing letterpress options and it looks like the wedding gods are shining down on me! There are great deals to be had all over the place.

White Aisle is having a bunch of sales including:
*10% off Thermography (raised ink printing)
*$2 Wood Save the Dates
*10% off Letterpress
I have a soft spot in my heart for White Aisle because the owners just survived a major health scare. Just to be clear, they posted it on their website a few weeks ago while they were closed, and it just stuck with me. Another great thing about White Aisle is that because they do more than just letterpress they are able to mix and match our invitation suite. In other words you could have the invite letterpressed and everything else digitally printed. It'll match flawlessly and be budget friendly!

Bella Figura is offering a very... patriotic deal. If you send them a a photo of yourself going out to vote, you’ll get 25 free letterpress invitation sets when you purchase 75 or more! Email with your photo to take advantage of this special promotion! (Orders must be placed by 5pm on Tuesday, November 30 to be eligible. A photo is required to participate.)

Parklife Press is also offering 10% off all letterpress for the month of November. The great thing about Parklife Press is that you'll get a free hour of design for every $250 you spend and they provide a la carte pricing so you can pick and choose the pieces that are most important to you.

Last but not least here are a new budget friendly letterpress printers that I thought I should share:
Matthew Kelsey.

If you know of any other deals, let me know! I'm hoping to make my final decision about where to print before I leave for L.A.

What are you goals for November? Do you expect to get a lot done during the holidays or are you taking that time off from wedding planning?


  1. i LOVE me some letterpress! we just got married this October and our invites were from Smock Paper. An awesome small business in Syracuse NY that prints on sustainable bamboo. we LOVED working with them and I plan to do a vendor recap soon. It looks like you are looking into some great companies, but I thought I would send a little Smock love your way. I found your blog on weddingbee and am looking forward to reading more!!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I would love to be able to splurge for letterpress and these deals may convince me to make it happen!

  3. O.M.G.
    I freakin love the mexican inspired invites!! swoooon. I dont know if I should virtually hug you or punch you cause I am pretty sure they are outta budget! Hehehe

  4. So after going back and looking though all the designs, I didnt think it was possible to fall in love with invitations. Until now.


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