Monday, October 4, 2010

Ticket prices

The following charts show the lowest round trip price by departure date from relevant cities in the U.S to San Jose, Costa Rica, based on actual customer searches on Prices found between 7-21 days prior to departure with a trip length of 2-10 days.

* Good news: End of May is a relatively cheap time to travel to Costa Rica.
* Bad news: These numbers are fairly meaningless. D and I travelled to CR last Jan for $242 rt which is clearly not indicated on the chart because we bought the tickets a two months in advance.

Los Angeles, California to San Jose, Costa Rica

Dallas, Texas to San Jose California

New York City to San Jose, California

I just thought these charts would be helpful for my guests to see so they have an idea of what to expect price wise. If you are one of the many guests who are not coming from one of these cities you can just set up a travel alert on Priceline (or any other discount ticket website) and get the same information.

Here are some other great resources for finding cheap flights:
* Travel Ticker
* Fare Compare
* Booking Buddy
* Bookit

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  1. It's great to find another May 2011 Bride who is also a law student! Can't wait to follow your wedding planning journey :)


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