Monday, October 4, 2010

Details: Hanging from the trees

My love for hanging flowers had developed into a full blown obsession.
{Once Wed via Amanda and Luke}

{Free People}

{Olivia Leigh via Casa Sugar}

{My Pretty Touch}

{Geoff White Photography}

{Sweet Paul}

Here's the deal, I love the way these flowers look in these close-ups but what do they look like at the actual wedding. You would probably have to have a few dozen to make a real impact, otherwise they would just look really sad. Nobody wants sad flowers at a wedding. This last picture is actually really great because its a great example of how to use this beautiful detail!

{Source: SMP}


  1. Those pictures are beautiful! It is hard to make centerpieces with a big impact. They either have to be huge or really, expensive and/or a lot of work. Go figure.

  2. Thanks! It's also so hard to tell from pictures because a good photographer can make a tiny center piece look so sweet and meaningful but I can't help but wonder if it just looks silly in real life. sigh.

  3. Nice inspiration there Miss JD, and thanks for the comment!


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