Sunday, October 3, 2010

StDs - Designed/Delivered Part II

After designing the StDs, the next step was to line the envelopes. We went to Paper Presentation and picked up some high quality brown kraft paper envelopes and loads of scrapbook paper I clearly couldn't pick just one so I picked up everything that caught my eye. D picked the one with the pink elephants.

Then a traced an envelope onto some cardstock to make a template.

Once I had the basic size of the envelope it was easy to figure out the size and spacing I wanted for the liner.
Then I cut out the template and just traced it onto the paper. This is actually the back of the paper. D was in charge of the cutting and the stuffing. Then I did all the gluing.

Here's what they all looked like when they were done!
Super easy and the whole project envelopes and paper cost a little less than $50.

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