Sunday, October 3, 2010


Because its Sunday, I thought I should start looking at creative brunch ideas. After posting about the Poptart Pops I got this genius idea that I could do a breakfast cocktail reception right after the morning wedding and then do serve lunch, instead of doing a brunch. I knew there had to be a wealth of miniture breakfast options available and I was right!!!

{Have fork will travel}
Mini Eggs Benedict

I've never had egg benedicts (I am not really an egg person so poached eggs kind of scare me)but they look good and people seem to like them.

{Source unknown}
Mini waffle sandwiches

The ones pictured are actually PB & J mini waffle sandwiches but how yummy would these be as egg and cheese mini waffle sandwiches!

{Divine Dinner Party}
Crustless Ham and Egg Tarts

I don't eat bacon and I don't eat eggs but these look really good. I figure if you are going to do comfort foods then it really has to be about the presentation. It's really all about presentation.

{Artisan Bread in Five}
Mini cinnamon rolls on a stick!

These are just adorable and who doesn't love cinnamon rolls.

{Source unknown}
French toast and strawberry kabobs

Mmmmmm...french toast and strawberries. I think mini french toast slices could also be pretty adorable and delicious, or french toast chips with a syrup dip. (I really should cater my own wedding...JK. kind of.)

{Source unknown}
Fruit kabobs with a yogurt dip

A basic, delicious, and healthy option.

{Diana's Desserts}
Mini Beignets

I heart beignets. If you've never had a beignet you are really missing out! I have no idea if you can make beignets in CR but I will make them myself if I have to.

{Martha Stewart Weddings}
Mini doughnuts served with coffee

Speaking of presentation, how great do these look! Martha you've done it again.

(while I know martha stewart won't be at my wedding, I would still like to make her proud. How hard can it be, she's an ex convict!)

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  1. I swear if you serve these foods, I'm crashing your wedding. You had me at mini eggs benedict (and I've been drooling ever since)!


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