Thursday, October 21, 2010

I love sample sales!

I've been having a fabulous day! I had a meeting at 2pm and was really worried I was going to miss the UPS guy who was suppose to come between 2-5pm. As I was walking out the door, there he was, the UPS guy with my second Haute Look dress... (Please ignore the super super annoying fact that he was going to drop off the package at 145pm). Then when I came home from the meeting... my Bella Figura samples had arrived... YAY!

I still can't believe that I got all this stuff for only $6.59! Turns out I love letterpress even more than I thought. If I feel half as pleased with D the day after the wedding, I'll know I made the right decision ;)

Also I'll make sure to get D to help me take a picture of the dress when he gets home.


  1. Aren't they awesome? I ordered a sample pack earlier this year. Love that letterpress!

  2. I can't stop touching them!! Did you end up doing letterpress??


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