Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letterpress Sales!

I just ordered a bunch of sample letterpress invitations from Bella Figura!! While I love the look and feel of letterpress I have been having second thoughts about spending the money on letterpress. Lucky for me, Bella Figura is having a wonderful $1 sale in all their samples right now!

So there are some of the samples I ordered:

I am so excited. Unfortunately it does mean I will have to deal with UPS again :(

I also wanted to mention that Parklife Press is having 10% off all orders opened before November 30.


  1. Hey I've been looking into letterpress printing too because its gorgeous. To justify the cost, I think what I'm going to do is just letterpress the invitation part and flat print the other cards. I also checked out Parklife Press as you suggested and it looks like they offer 15% off if you design the invitation yourself. It seems like that is the best deal I've found so far on letterpress invitations.

    Love your blog. It looks like we are doing the same wedding planning stuff at the same time.

  2. Yay... when is your wedding??

    I think we are doing something similar and limiting the number of letterpress items. It's just SO beautiful that I can't pass it up! If you are doing your own designs you should def check out Mercurio Brothers. They are super cheap but do NO design at all. Plus they'll send you your design plate when they are done with it!


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