Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer Suit Blowout!

While Dave and I were in New Orleans last weekend we spent a little time looking for seersucker suits/summer suits. I figured the south would be a better place to score a good lightweight suit but I was WRONG!! Turns out since its always hot in the south lightweight suits are a hot commodity all year round.

Since we got back from New Orleans I've been really obsessed with the attire for the guys. Two months a go, I got a great deal on these ties that I love, but the ties have kind of become this frustrating limiting factor. Dave really wants to wear a suit which is why I bought the ties in the first place... but the closer we get to the wedding the more I like the idea of putting the boys in shorts and white long sleeve button down shirts (with the sleeves rolled up). They'll have a cute boutonniere pinned to their pocket. done and done. But dave doesn't ask for much and if he wants to were a suit, gosh darn it... he'll wear a suit!

I decided to take a look online and I found a pretty great selection of seersucker suits on

*Alexander Julian - $119.00
*Adolfo - $97.99
*Haspel - $100.97

With suit prices hovering around $100 its a really great deal... and with shipping and handling fixed at $2.95 its an amazing deal!!! Unfortunately this deal IS too good to be true... all these suits are only available in "weird" sizes.

Upward and onward...

Then I stumbled upon this great deal:

{Jos A. Bank - $158}

Then I found this great sale at Jos A. Bank! Lots of sizes, colors, and styles!!

Then as usual I was hit with a wave of indecisiveness.I LOVE seersucker! But my future husband does not and event though its a great price, I just don't know if we need to spend $150 on a suit that he will never wear again.

So I checked out the other lightweight cotton suits, and there are really a lot of great deals. There is even a really good selection of colors and styles, and with free shipping and handling for all orders over $175, I think its been a great find! However, as usually, I have become so overwhelmed by all the choices that I can't even make a decision! Luckily I have the best Fiance in the world and he's agreed to go to Jos A. Bank with me tomorrow to try on the different colors/styles/sizes, hopefully we'll come home with a wedding suit. If not, at least we'll know which styles and sizes work best and we can come back and order tomorrow!

There is also a Men's Wearhouse right next door and they are having a "buy one get one free" labor day weekend sale! Turns out its actually a great time to buy summer suits in New York city.

*** I ordered a summer suit for Dave from Banana a few weeks ago because I got a "40% of any two items" coupon in the mail (I have highly utilized banana republic visa card). Somehow they shipped me the jacket and then sent me an email saying that they made a mistake and they no longer carry the pants I ordered. So I had to return the jacket. It was a GReAt suit for a great price... too good to be true :(

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