Sunday, September 5, 2010

Success... Kicking A$$. Taking Names.

We found Dave's suit!

I was a little nervous about getting a suit so far in advance but I new that if I wanted a good summer suit (aka one that Dave could wear on a hot Costa Rican day and not sweat through)...we would have to go now or wait until just weeks before the wedding.

When we got there we met salesman Eric, who was helpful, charming and very well-dressed... Let's just say we ended-up buying TWO suits! (Have I mentioned I LOVE shopping!)

Back to dave's wedding suit... its a lightweight cotton blend that breaths really well. I still wasn't convinced except that it was the last one in this color (they had a lot of navy and khaki left) and HIS size. I am a big believer in signs and I truly believe it was meant to be!

One more thing down (yay!)... a ridiculous number left. sigh. There is something very Sisyphus-esque about wedding planing.


  1. he looks great! yay to list checking off :-)

  2. You look amazing, Dave!!! Love the flip flops.


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