Tuesday, September 7, 2010

For the Fellas: I.heart.boys.in.suits.

{A Mountain Bride}

I adore my groomsmen. They are all amazing and have been best friends with the Groom for-ever! They even all have matching "brotherhood" tattoos!! But whats the deal with groomsmen attire... when did it get so complicated?? What happened to the days of tuxedo rentals at the local Men's Wearhouse??

Well, that's partly (mostly) my fault.... we were obviously never going to have tuxedos on the beach in Costa Rica. So then it became a toss-up between khaki and gray and destiny made the decision for us!

Beach Weddings

{Michael Wachniack}

There is the go-to look... khaki pants and the white button down.

{Aloha Island Weddings}

Or a colored button down with khaki pants and flip flops. I am not on board with the groom in an all white linen outfit... that is way too weird for me!

Preppy Attire
{Ballcaps and Neckties}
Originally I considered putting them all in pink pants. Can you imagine?! I think it's adorable but I can only imagine the number of complaints I would have to fend off... it didn't seem worth it.


{Green Wedding Shoes}
I also adore suspenders... since my guys are all going to be in gray pants this look may be doable. However it looks so vintage/barn-yard chic to me and not very beach-y...

{Green Wedding Shoes}
These thicker black suspenders paired with matching ties looks less barn-yard chic and more dressy/formal but maybe it would be too dressy for the beach. ...BUT maybe with gray pants it would be the perfect middle ground. I have no idea?!?!


Here is some more guys in skinny suspenders with matching pants and bow ties. I REALLY love bow ties and was considering doing bow ties before I realized how much the groomsmen would all hate it.


{Wedding Chicks}
What about vests! Vests are popping up at weddings all over the place. I also love the matching cons (i think they are cons?) I don't know why but I kind of hate the black belts with the khaki pants... but I do love the look of the matching ties with the vests.
{Once Wed}
Amazingness... I love the vests with the bow ties... my only problem with this look is that you can't tell who the groom is (it's obvious in this picture that he's the one in the center, but you know what i mean). I kind of what Dave to stand out... after all, it is HIS day too!

{Green Wedding Shoes}

What about if I just let them all wear whatever they want?!?! What a novel idea... don't control ever detail. hehehe that doesn't even almost sound like something I would do. I would be much too terrified that someone would show up in brown cords (no offense, he is adorable... but really!?!?).

{Style Me Pretty: Anne Marie Photography}
Or they could just do matching suits

Best Option:

I think this is the exact look we are going for (except in gray)... matching ties, jacket for the groom and no jackets for the groomsmen. I also really like the rolled-up sleeves and the barefoot look.

What do you think??


  1. A few things:

    1) You really think you would have gotten complaints if you made us wear pink pants? Have you met the GP?

    2)I like the gray and pink look. It's definitely solid.

    3)Finally, I was really hoping for suits with dress shorts. This would allow us to show off our brotherhood tattoos. Baring this, I think we'll all probably just have to role one pant leg up, like the gangsters we are.

  2. 1. I recognize my mistake. Dave probably complains more than the rest of you... probably because he is forced to live with much more pink on a daily basis.

    2. Thanks! Glad you approve.

    3. I would love to do dress shorts. I think that would be weirdly appropriate but there is definitely something to be said for the beach-y gangster look. It's really not done at weddings enough...(which explains my inability to find any pictures to add to the blog!)


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