Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekly MVP

Last night my fabulous "Event Designer" (bridesmaid, college roommate and super talented friend) emailed me Save-the-date mock-ups! She also but the hard copies in the mail (1) so I could see/touch the in person and (2)so we can see how the travel( ie. Make sure nothing gets ruined by the USPS!). I haven't received those yet but I already know I'll love them just from looking at the pictures!

Here is a sneak peak of my favorite:

How awesome is the textured paper! I also love the vintage Costa Rican map she incorporated into the Stds! I can be a little bit of DiY/budget snob. By that I mean, I love the idea of budget conscious ideas but I hate things that look cheap or generic! There are certainly people out there who couldn't care less about their stationary, I am self-aware enough to know that I am NOT one of those people! I love stationary. I love paper products in general. I hoard thank you cards and order expensive Christmas cards every year from my favorite stationary store in New Orleans. Speaking of which, I should probably set a Scriptura budget before I get to NO otherwise, things are going to get out.of.control!

and some of the other contenders:

I am generally horrible at asking people for help and hate imposing on friends and family, (I think it may be a cultural thing, but I'm not sure) but so far the StD experience has been an amazing experience and has really made me realize that I need to trust other people more and let go of some of the decisions!

Because Laura A. has been SO awesome she is official this weeks (and the only) wedding MVP! Thanks roomie!

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