Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wedding Weight Loss

After a summer of over-indulgence I am desperately in need of a drastic wedding diet. this was recently confirmed when I went to my skin doctor and learned that I gained a glorious 12 lbs this summer :) This is not an unmanageable amount of weight gain because I lost about 7 pounds during finals which puts me only about 5lbs over my regular weight and 8-9 lbs over my dream wedding weight!

In order to look my very best on my wedding day I have decided its gonna take a 5 prong beautification plan. While this plan may seem drastic, I am a firm believer in starting my marriage off on the right foot... and by "right" I mean beautiful! hehehe...

Prong 1:
For my diet, I had originally planned on doing a raw food detox during the month of August. While that seemed like an excellent plan in July, it has proven to be almost impossible to maintain for 3 reasons:
(1) I LOVE dairy! I love cheese, yogurt, and ice cream. I've been doing a pretty good job of doing a smoothie for breakfast, and maybe a salad for lunch but by dinner I'm soooo hungry.
(2)I really like alcohol :( i wasn't planning on drinking. It seemed easy enough, but then my college roommate (and MOH) made a surprise visit which obviously meant we had to check out the wine store by my new apartment (THE PLACE IS LITERALLY ACROSS THE STREET). On top of that, one of my FF's best friends has been staying with us for the week, which means a lot of dinners out and there is nothing like an ice cold beer at the end of a long summer day!
(3) I have no self control!

In light of these realizations/realities(?) I have decided to do a modified, raw-vegan-vegetarianism diet. Basically, I will start by eating raw 30% of the time, vegan 30% of the time and vegetarian the other 30%. Eventually, I will be eating raw 50% of the time, vegan 25% of the time, and vegetarian 25% of the time. So that's my genius diet plan. I'll let you know how it goes.

Prong 2:
Yoga, and running! I hate running but the last time I had to lose weight, I lost 30lbs in 3 months by running so I feel like that might be a part of my exercise plan. However, since I don't have to lose any large amount of weight I think that a better diet and yoga may be sufficient. Last month I bought a groupon for a 30 day unlimited pass to Bikram Yoga Harlem. Not only have I not set my foot in the yoga studio yet, I have not even considered going yet so I still have a ways to go on Prong 2.

Prong 3:
Skin Care
As previously mentioned, I went to my skin doctor and got a full skin care regime for the next year! This seems like it will be the easiest part of "The Plan" but we'll see how diligent I am because the daytime face gel smells kind of like acidic cat pee!

Prong 4:
TBD. I already use the Listerine pre-brush whitening rinse, and whitening toothpaste. I also cut coffee out of my daily routine, and don't smoke so I am hoping that I'll just be able to pick a 30 day whitening kit right before the wedding or hold out for a professional whitening groupon.

Prong 5:
TBD. Last but not least I think a minor hair regime may be in order. I am not entirely sure what this will entail but I will do more research. I think I just need to take better care of my hair (no more experimental dye jobs, and unnecessary blow drying). Costa Rica is going to be so super humid that if my hair isn't in great shape its gonna frizz up and leave me looking like a chi-a pet!

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