Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wedding Website

My lovely event planner and I decided that in order to get the Save the Dates out in the next month I would have to share most of the information at a later time on a wedding website. Although I have tried various times to start a site, I found the how experience extremely frustrating but necessity is the mother of invention (or at least, in this case, creation).

So here are the Free Wedding Website providers I checked out:

{The Knot}

{My Wedding}


{Wedding JoJo}

{Wedding Wire}

{Wedding Window}

{Wedding Channel}


Because I have a lot of information to share I need a website that has a degree of flexibility when it comes to format and pages. Unfortunately its almost impossible to figure out what each website offers without actually signing up so I actually signed-up and MADE 6 different wedding websites.

Ultimately I went with eWedding because 1)all the services I want are totally free, 2)I thought it had the best backgrounds and 3)it has lost of different page formats.

Now I have to make decisions about my wedding so I can add it to my (I mean, our) wedding website!

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