Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Doily... Do!

I love Doilies! Obviously because they are the nexus between my love for all things girly and all things grandma-y. Since I recently went a little doily crazy at Michaels, I have spent a lot of timing trying to figure out what to do with the 200 doilies I bought (in four different sizes). However, I am happy to see that many many people share my love for these dainty little darlings.

So here are some of my very favorite doily creations which I think are totally DIY-able!




{Flickr} How sweet is this envelope? I am sure it would get ruined in the mail but it is SO SO SO pretty. sigh.

I am not sure this is something I could actually use for my wedding but I think it's pretty so I thought I'd share ...

{Ashley Ann}
. This would look amazing at an outdoor wedding. I think its a really sweet idea. In fact, here is a wedding that used this idea beautifully!!

{Martha Sterwart}
This is an adorable idea! (oh Martha...) It makes a perfect charger/place mat and if you have clear glass plates, it also doubles as a great place card.

{Intimate Weddings Blog}
These would look amazing on vintage glass cake stands.

{Maya Made}
How amazing would these be for confetti as you walk down the isle!?!? More importanly how amazing would these look filled with blush pink rose petals sitting on beautiful cushions before the wedding. hehehe.

{Ashley Ann}
I don't think I would make the tote bag BUT I like the idea of using the doilies as a stencil this could be cute for the outside of an envelope or something!

{Apartment Therapy}
These pom poms are adorable. They would be great as a backdrop for the dessert table. In red/pink they kind of have a spanish feel. I wonder if they would look more beachy/vintage there were white...hmmm.

{Martha Stewart}
Last but certainly NOT least is this adorable doily chandelier!! This might be a wedding must. I LOVE LOVE LOVE chandeliers, and doilies plus my wedding will be during the day so I won't need actually light to come out of my chandelier, but I am sure I could figure something out if I really wanted light.

I obviously can't use ALL these ideas, after all I only have 200 doilies :D I guess I'll talk to my wedding planner and my event planner to see what they think! ( I know, I have a lot of planners for someone who loves DIY projects)

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  1. Thank you for making me see doilies in a whole new light! Awesome! :-D


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