Friday, August 20, 2010

BiG NeWs!!!

One of the most amazing things happened last week... my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! It was so precious and he is the most perfect little baby in the world... On the wake of that amazing night, I spent the next day bridal dress shopping in lil ol fort worth texas. The first store I went to, De Ma Fille was an adorable little boutique but with their limited selection I wasn't really able to find anything I wanted to take home. Next I went to Bliss Bridal Salon where I tried on 10 BEAUTIFUL dresses and finally FOUND MY DRESS!

Although I can't share my dress with you here... because I want it to be a surprise. I can tell you that it is by the same amazing designer who brought us this beauty.

I am SOOO excited. I can't believe I actually bought it! It was all very surreal. I did like a number of dresses at de ma fille but my mother was very much being the arms-crossed-no-facial-expression mom, which was stressing me out and making hard for me to enjoy the experience. So I decided to go with Bliss Bridal with just my little sister.. that's when we say it. It was beautiful. It fit beautifully and it wasn't like any dress I have ever seen (considering how many blogs, wedding shows and bridal boutiques I've read/seen/been to that was actually quite a surprise.) Although I loved the dress I wanted to make sure my mother loved (liked?) it. I took her back the next day and she LOOOOVED it. Color me surprised!

It was amazing and it was obvious that I had to just pull the trigger. So now I have both my wedding day dress and my after party dress, which is a cute little ivory lace number. Very vintage. Very adorable.

So that's it:
veil - done
dress - done
dress #2 - done

Date- TBD
Location -TBD

but I feel like I'm on the right track and I am very very excited!

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