Monday, June 14, 2010

Pink, Pink, or Pink??

I love pink. As a result, I am having the hard time deciding what types of pink I want at a wedding. Here are some color palettes from With This Ring that I found particularly inspiring:
I personally love dusty pinks, gold and white. I love the vintage romance of this color palette, but I can't help but wonder if that would be inappropriate for a daytime beach wedding. Perhaps I should do something more tropical?

The thing I love about these colors is that they seem to be a balance of tropical and vintage romance. I like the light ink with the dusty rose in combination with the yellows and greens. It would also go beautifully with a sunny beach in the background.

The preppy Texas girl in me can't help but LOVE the pink and green combo. I also think that it may a perfect choice for a tropical wedding. It would certainly be easy to find green accents in Costa Rica.

Last but certainly not least, the more pink the better perspective. This color combo seems to be a perfect combination of my love for pink and the preppy. Hmmm... So many choices and only one wedding.

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