Saturday, April 17, 2010

Top 5 Wedding Movies

Around this time each year I watch a lot of wedding movies. I think they provide perfect background noise when studying for exams.

These are my top five favorites:

5. My Big Fat Greek Wedding

This movie makes the list primarily because I love the cultural interactions.

4. Wedding Crashers

Although I love the first half of the movie, I think once they leave the house the movie becomes unwatchable. However the first half alone makes it totally worth watching.

3. My Best Friend's Wedding

I went to see this movie on my 13th birthday with four of my best friends. I still love it but its a little hard to watch because Kimmie is a 20-year-old college student! Every time I watch it I find this fact more and more disturbing.

2. Bride Wars

When I finally narrowed things down to my final two dresses I named them Kate and Anne. I adore this movie. I love Kate Hudson and have a soft spot for Anne Hathaway. I think these brides-to-be are hilariously neurotic. That being said, I haven't watched this movie since getting engaged so my opinion may change...

1. Father of the Bride

I adoooore this movie! I love watching this movie partly because I am a daddy's girl and partly because it focuses solely on the period between the engagement and the wedding.

Some other great (and not-so-great) wedding movies that I love to watch:
1. Wedding Daze
2. The Wedding Planner
3. Made of Honor
4. The Wedding Date
5. The Wedding Singer
6. Our Family Wedding
7. Runaway Bride
8. Monster-in-Law
9. The Bachelor
10. 27 Dresses


  1. I LOVE my big, fat greek wedding and father of the bride. good picks : )

  2. I hadn't seen Big fat greek wedding in years. (I obviously "had to" watch all these movies this weekend to make my finally decision...). I really adore the relationship in that movie and hope that dave is as patient with my equally loud Chinese AND Nigerian family :)


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