Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Love is in the Details {Chandeliers}

The only thing that the FF and I have agreed on is that we want to have an outdoor wedding. One of the things I really don't like about outdoor weddings are the weird floral arches. Ok, that is kind of an understatement. I hate them. They are a deal breaker. I will not get married under a floral arch.

So I've been looking for alternatives to these traditional beach accessory and have fallen in love with chandeliers.

This first wedding is in fact the wedding that inspired me to start a wedding blog. This wedding took my breath away and opened my eyes to the idea of a non-traditional wedding.

{For more from this wedding click here or here}

This is another vintage wedding that I adore. Everything from the jewelry, to the flowers are AMAZING. I also adore all the hairstyles!!

{Lovingly borrowed from GWS}

This last wedding is such an adorable backyard wedding. The bride is just so gorgeous and her dress is kind of amazing.

{More from GWS)}

Here are some other alternatives to those ridiculous (to each his own) floral arches:
{For more click here}

{For more loveliness click here}
This wedding also takes place at Terranea which I've mentioned NUMEROUS times as a possible wedding location.

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