Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Mother!!

This weekend was my mother's birthday! I won't embarrass her by telling you her age but I wanted to publicly tell her how much I love her and appreciate her continued love and support.

Now I will pretend I remembered her birthday by posting a few images from beautiful Chinese weddings.

There's this really amazing Chinese tradition where the Groom has to "win" the bride.

From what I can tell, this involves the groom and his groomsmen coming to the bride's home where the bridesmaids make him complete embarrassing tasks. If he completes all the tasks he "wins!"

I am sure there are feminists reasons why I shouldn't like this tradition but I think it sounds like fun! It also makes for some adorable pictures. See below.

{For more beautiful photos from Dave Shilling}

If you haven't had your fill, here are more Chinese weddings....Enjoy!
***Toronto Chinese Wedding from Toronto Wedding Photography

***Chinese Wedding in Chicago from Heather Parker

***A Chinese New Year Wedding in Portland from Jessica Hill

***A Canadian Chinese wedding from Infused Studio

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