Monday, April 5, 2010

The best things come in small packages...?

Is this true about wedding dresses?

Designers: (Clockwise): Vera Wang, Priscilla of Boston, Pronovias, Cymbeline, Melissa Sweet, and Pronovias.

I definitely couldn't do a short dress as my primary wedding dress but I do looooove the idea of a sassy little short number for the reception. Obviously I would have to do the costume change after the first dance and such but it is definitely doable.

What do you think? Short wedding dresses, a fabulous do or a definite don't?


  1. Absolutely a fabulous DO!! It will kill two birds with one stone, as they say. 1) Show off your perfectly tanned (!) and toned gams and 2) Satisfy the morbid curiosity of those who wondered if there were indeed any gams under that sheath!! You will have no problem pulling this one off!

  2. You'll look amazing in a short dress but I have a feeling you are going to love your long dress so much that you won't want to change out of it!

    PS - As you can probably tell, I told my family about your blog.


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