Friday, April 15, 2011

A lovely lounge

I've been doing A LOT of vintage posts recently. From my love for vintage mismatched plates to my obsession with vintage hankies, I've been vintage crazy! Now as a change of pace I want to talk about my Cake & Champagne reception.

As you may recall, we will be having an early morning wedding. Originally, I wanted to get married at sunrise (it's been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember) but we decided to spare my guests the agony of waking up at 5am.... sooooo we are having the wedding at 9. (I know, I know... but the invites are out so it's happening at 9!) After getting married down on the beach, the guests will join us back at the villa for an amazing brunch!

One of the common complaints about brunch weddings is that people can't really "party" at 11am! After much thought, we decided to also host a Cake & Champagne reception in the evening. At first we were going to do it in the main living-room but the space seemed like it may be too large for our group and there is something so special about dancing under the stars, so we decided to take it upstairs! If you remember the rooftop terrace at the villa, we've decided to hire a dj and turn that area into a lovely dance/lounge space.

This is what the space looks like:

{Punto de Vista - Facebook}

We are going to rent a clear tent, rent some great white furniture and hang ribbon and candles in the space. We are also trying to get our wedding logo screen-printed on some throw pillows to add color to the space.

The great thing about the villa is that there are already lots of throw pillows and great white furniture at the house. So hopefully we'll be able to get away with renting just one or two pieces and just screen printing a dozen pillowcases or so. (Plus, I'll be able to take the pillowcases home!)

These three photos are the inspiration for the space:

{KT Merry via Style Me Pretty}

{Jasmine Star via Style Me Pretty}

{Mel Barlow + Allan Zepeda via i love swmag}

Later I'll talk about the great desserts and late-night snacks we have planned! After all, it wouldn't be a late-night lounge with out late-night bar foods, right!?!?

What do you think? Do you think my guests will love it or think its a little self-indulgent to invite them BACK for more festivities?


  1. love the idea and love the space! Everyone will want to go out and party the night away anyways -why not provide them with the party?! Plus, it's your DAY, isn't it?!

  2. You are only going to get married ONCE!!!! I"m so excited to PARTYYYYYYYYY :-D

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