Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L.A. Times

A few months ago, my FMIL mentioned that she had found "the perfect" MOTG dress, but with a price tag of $3800, it was way outside her budget. I also vaguely remember her mentioning something about writing a letter to a "fashion expert" to ask for advice.

Yet, no one was more surprised than I was to see this letter featured in the L.A. Times Image Section:

Dear Ms. Magsaysay,
My beloved son is getting married in May, and my taste in dresses exceeds my bank account.

I have attached a photo of two dresses I really like. They are similar in many ways. The photo on the left has more than one dress -- I am interested in the one in the middle, which I have marked in the photo, but those dresses cost upward of $3,000.

As mother of the groom I am told not to wear white or off-white, and not to wear the color of the mother of the bride which is, I think, kind of a soft purple, maybe called mauve. The bridesmaids are wearing a pink, soft. I hate pink so that is out. I kind of want some shade of mauve. Too bad for the rules I guess. Since we are having a destination wedding (Costa Rica) and I am a teacher, the lower the better for cost...less than 300. Is there hope? My hope is for a dress with a vintage '20s look.

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