Saturday, March 19, 2011

Planning a mini-moon


As everyone knows, one of the best things about having a destination wedding is getting to have wedding and honeymoon at the same time. Unfortunately, Mr. and I will not be able to enjoy Costa Rica or the post-wedding glow the way we had hoped. As it is, my graduation from law school is the Monday before the wedding and I start bar review classes 3 days after the wedding. So, we decided that we'll do our honeymoon after I take the Bar at the end of July. At that point we'll be able to take 2-3 weeks to travel to some exotic location like Bali, South Africa or the Maldives.

However, that doesn't mean we can't take a mini-moon! With all the stress of moving back to NYC from Amsterdam, getting ready for the wedding, graduating from law school and getting married, we figure we'll need a few days before we get back on another plane. It would be just 3 days/2 nights to reconnect as husband and wife, and enjoy the post-wedding glow.

I know a lot of ladies have honeymooned in Costa Rica so I thought I should share and get some feedback!

These are my top three choices:

1. Hanging in the Tree Haus at Rancho Pacifico

{Rancho Pacifico}

Perched on a platform 20 feet above the ground and amongst the treetops, the treehaus hideaways offer seclusion, tranquility and an up and close experience with our extensive and pristine tropical rainforest environment.
Why we love this place? A great place to unwind after the big weekend and prepare to dive back into life in NYC.
Price: $450/night

2.Glamping it up at Rafiki Safari Lodge

{Rafiki Safari Lodge}

Rafiki is a wilderness luxury tent camp and conservation project focusing on adventurous sustainable tourism. The spacious luxury tents were imported from South Africa. The lodge is nestled on 842 acres of pristine jungle along the Savegre River, 30 km south of Quepos and Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica.

Why we love this place? This place has amazing reviews. We would be able to go white water rafting come back to a unique location and enjoy the natural beauty of Costa Rica.
Price: $282 for 2 person tent/$4oo for honeymoon suite

Since our flight leaves early in the morning on the 24th we are planning on doing our last night in San Jose.

{Finca Rosa Blanca}

We are looking at Finca Rosa Blanca Coffee Plantation and Inn, which is is an organic shade grown coffee plantation right outside of San Jose. At the Inn, guests are encouraged to participate in the picking, processing and roasting of Finca Rosa Blanca coffee. What could be more amazing than enjoying fresh organic homegrown coffee IN Costa Rica?
Price: 250/night

The truth is, there are LOTS of cheaper options at equally gorgeous boutique hotels. The thing about us Pancakes, is that we love adventures. It wouldn't be a honeymoon without a little Costa Rican adventure thrown in. It just doesn't seem right to stay at a Marriott or a Hilton when we could stay at a family-owned (luxury) coffee plantation instead!

So, what do you think? How did you decide where to 'moon? What were you looking for romance? adventure? relaxation?


  1. We've traveled so much in our earlier years, I think we are going to be looking somewhere that we can just unwind and enjoy each other. ^_^ I have never been to Costa Rica though.

  2. we were this close to going to rancho pacifico! But we decided on Casa Chameleon instead. More luxurious, more stuff, closer to the beach, and in a better location. Make sure you check out these places on tripadvisor, Finca Rosa Blanca was on our list but after doing my tripadvisor research wasn't on the list anymore. Don't remember why, but Tripadvisor never lies!


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